Age of Asteroids
Age of Asteroids was GREENLIT!
AS you may know, Age of Asteroids applied for Steam Greenlight last year - and you will have noticed, that things weren't going that good.

But suddenly, the game got greenlit two days ago! So it would be ready to deploy - and as promised this was some sort of barrier to break in order to invest more time into game development. Next thing to do is doing all the paperwork related to setup the partner account and maybe make a game version ready for Alpha Testing on Steam.

Actually I have to reconsider if I should put up an very uncomplete version of the game - I really want to ommit a lot of bad reviews, even if it will be an Alpha a lot of people may expect more of a complete game. I will think about it first.

The other thing is, that I didn't expect that sudden approvement. With the latest numbers I expected it to be later this year - so I really have to push my ressources to it's limit to get out a game which is worth to have Early Alpha Access on Steam.

I will keep you informed in either way, but I am very happy about any comment, recommendation and feedback in any way - what do you really want to have in the Early Access Version? Let me know!
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2015/02/13 19:43
Human Ktulu
Yes, that is a very good news ! I'm so hurry to see the next build ! :D
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