Age of Asteroids
Update Progress
As some of you may know, the recent crowdfunding campaign at IndiGoGo failed miserably, leading to not a single donation, which means, I had to do different other projects in the mean time and was not able to dedicate that much time to Age of Asteroids like I wanted to.

The Steam Greenlight Campaign (see the Greenlight Banner on the right) is now running since a longer time and is currently at 40%.

Nevertheless, whenever I find some time to do some coding on the Alpha Version (which you can get at desura) and care for many things.

This post is just to let you know, that the game is still in development, even when it is progressing slower than I wish. I also was not able to outsource graphics to a real artist, so the game assets will stay like they are at the moment.

I plan to do another crowdfunding approach later on, when I may be able to dedicate more time in actually spreading the word about the game - I know there are a lot of people out there which like to have this game finished (me included, obviously)

So stay tuned, I currently on a good way for the next Alpha Update, which will bring some missing gameplay features, caring for a lot of stuff and improving the current version - I just do not want to throw out something just to release something

Currently I am working on even more UI enhancements, controling even more things, get all the logical stuff working, like asteroid destroying, capturing new asteroids and start the investigation stuff. So stay tuned for further updates from here!
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