Age of Asteroids
Tech Demo now available!
Anyone interested in getting their hands on a little tech demo of the game?

Sure, many features are completely disabled, but hey, it is free and you can get your hands on something actually being part of Age Of Asteroids!

Just head on to this url: which leads you to the download at indiedb!

Would love to hear your opinions!
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2014/04/07 23:10
I am curious about the ship system. I've read about hard points, hopefully they will be of good tactical use
2014/04/07 23:06
Kiri Kiri
This reminds me a lot of Fragile Allegiance .. but in 3D! I am pretty sure, there are a lot of people liking this. Keep up the good work!
2014/04/07 23:05
This is so cool.. I am really looking forward to this game!
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