Age of Asteroids
Introducing Debris!
With the latest improvements in terms of graphics there was still an issue for me, when I am weatching a fight and than there is this explosion and all the light .. but the exploding shipa ctually is just dissapearing.

So, there has to be some sort of really bright light flash somehow so it is not so obvious, that the ship just dissapears and I also wanted to have some debris flying around - because the destroyed ship will just not vaporize - there has to be debris.

And this is now implemented. Every explosion spawns a little bit of debris whci perfectly adds to the atmosphere. Now all that seems more connected. The "big flash" is still missing, I will try that later, it should ne be very hard to implement but may need some tweaking, especially when there are larger scale fights going on. I do not want a fully lit oversaturated screen just because there is a lot of action on the screen :-)

There is a short video of the effect attached to the right of this post, just give it a look and tell me what you think.
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2014/01/10 23:54
Looks stunning. I am so curious about this game. Looking forward to read more about gameplay elements as well!
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