Age of Asteroids
"Green Orbs" not visible / Cannot build
2014/08/10 14:17
I actually got some error reports about people not being able to build anything.

After some investigation, it turns out that the green orbs (showing the possible build joints) are not rendered on some computers.

If you experience this issue, please let me know about it, because I actually wasn't able to reproduce this error - which is a bit annyoing .. it's one of the simpler shaders so I am out of ideas at the moment.

Please write here about your hardware setup, so I can try more things to reproduce this error.

Thank you!

Human Ktulu
2014/10/20 18:53
Same problem for me. I have I7 core, WinXP Home with ATI Radeon HD4800 Gfx Card. I tried to test different config in CCC. For the alpha of "Next Car Game", changing several thing has been precious helpfull.

2014/10/21 13:39
Hi and thanks for your message.

I still was not able to reproduce the problem with my test stations. In the next update I have some settings implemented where players can deactivate some rendering options - maybe this helps finding the actual problem

This is an annoying bug for me because I have really no idea what could be possibly wrong - still hoping to get more reports about the issue so I can finally fix it.

Human Ktulu
2014/10/21 23:14
Cool ! :)

Many versions of .NET Framewok can be a problem ?

EDIT : In fact it's possible to playing without green spot, after I understand building mecanics. Yours videos are very helpfull !

2014/10/30 20:43
I guess it is a problem with the shaders somehow or with some techniques used. The only thing I could possibly imagine off is with the sun flare - in the next update this can be switched off, just to see if this eliminates the problem.

be patient tough about the next versions, I had added some features and they are not failproof yet ;-)
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